Friday, 2 September 2011

New Home Studio!

As promised I am finally sharing some photographs of my new home studio which is in fact my bedroom as well. It has taken some time due to my Dad only being able to put it altogether during evenings due to him working full time. I'm very pleased with the final results and it's actually much better than I had hoped! I now need to get some inspiration and motivation! This afternoon I'm planning to find anything I find inspirational to place on my board! I will post a photograph when I feel it's completed, so watch this space :)

 Shelves moved higher and they are used specifically for my CDs, DVDs and fiction books. 
 My wardrobes are where my bed use to be. The single wardrobe contains a lot of art materials whilst my double wardrobe is for clothes etc. I then have a cupboard, draws and some shelves for other things.
 This is my little home studio!
There are shelves for books, dyes, inks, paints you name it! I'm very organised and each media has it's own space, just so I know where everything is!

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