Thursday, 15 December 2011

Landen Town

I had a trip to London on Monday, which was the first time on my own.  I quite enjoyed my trip but it's not the same on your own especially as London is quite a lonely place already.  I arrived in London St Pancreas railway station.  As I was walking towards the underground I passed a Christmas tree made from Lego.

I visited quite a few places including Saatchi Gallery and Victoria & Albert Museum as well as a browse round Cass Art, Paperchase and Libertys.

In the main entrance of the V&A was this beautiful glass chandelier.  There is an article here on how they have to clean the chandelier.  It must take some cleaning! Below are some photographs I took of the chandelier.

Currently the V&A has a 'Power of Making Exhibition', which was the main reason for me to visit London.  There were so many different crafts, machines and art within the exhibition, which was very interesting.  Although I wasn't allowed to take photographs, they did have a book which had extended information on the the crafts at the exhibition that you could buy in the shop.  There are some photographs of the crafts on the website.

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