Monday, 5 March 2012

Been a Busy Bee

Happy Monday Everyone!

So sorry for not writing on the blog lately, but there are several reason for this.  Firstly I had no internet for around 10 days, I was then very busy scanning all my work from the last 7 years from GCSE, college and Uni which took ages.  I am hoping to make hundreds of designs with them which will build my portfolio tremendously.  At last but not least I have just finished a two week work placement in Leeds, which I have thoroughly enjoyed right from day one and it now looks great on my CV :)  I traveled everyday by taxi, train and bus, although it became rather tiring, it was definitely well worth it!

My work placement was with the fabulous Rachael Taylor, who is a freelance surface pattern designer.  She is one of the nicest people I have ever met!  Rachael designs mainly for interiors including wallpaper, lamps and wall prints.  She has a quirky kitchen range including oven mitts, aprons and tea towels.  She also designs accessories including bags and iPhone cases as well as greeting cards.  Rachael also has a very inspirational blog providing a variety of posts everyday.

Rachael also launched an e-course called The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design with business partner Beth Nicholls in November 2011.  The course has been a learning curve for many pattern lovers over the world including myself, there will be a second series starting 23rd April 2012.  I would recommend this course to absolutely anyone.

Whilst on placement I saw and understood a lot more to what working as a freelance designer is all about.  You need to be dedicated, determined and confident just like Rachael to succeed really well, but don't expect everything to work perfectly over night.  It has taken Rachael over 7 years to get to where she is today.  As a freelance designer you get good and bad days, but you just have to let it go and keep going.  You are learning all the time, with your work, making mistakes and dealing with clients and consumers.  You also need to be well organised, expect tight deadlines and sometimes disappointments.

I did a various of jobs for Rachael, most which were very time consuming, but I still enjoyed the experience.  This included writing up research, editing photographs, hand-sewing buttons, comp shopping, organising files, managing the blog and digital SLR photography.

Since using Rachael's digital SLR camera, I now want one of my own even more.  Each photograph I took had a fantastic outcome and editing them is rather interesting as well.

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