Thursday, 22 March 2012

Hebden Bridge

Hebden Bridge is a beautiful and historical place in a valley just under an hour away on the train from Leeds.  Rachael Taylor had actually suggested that it was a really nice place to go to, so I took her advice and was really glad I went.

Hebden Bridge use to be a small mill town, but during the 1960s the town went into a bad shape.  During the 1970s different types of creative people repopulated the town and became a great place to live to escape from the cities.  The town has quite a relaxed vibe and now brings a lot of tourists especially over the weekends.  As the weekends are quite busy, most shops tend to close on Mon and Tues.  And as I wasn't to know quite a few shops were closed as I went on a Tuesday.

The main reason I went was to visit the Heart Gallery as they sell a variety of Rachael's products, so I thought I'd go to take some Photographs for her.  There also sell many other different pieces of work from a various of creative subjects from artists and designers who live within 5 miles of Hebden Bridge. I was speaking to a lovely woman in there (no idea on her name), and she gave me some really good advice about freelancing and work placement ideas.

I then went around a few shops afterwards and took several photographs around the town.  If it was another day I would have probably stayed longer.  There is also a National Trust place about 1.1 miles from Hebden Bridge called Hardcastle Crags which is a 19th Century Gibson Mill.  But it is a bit far to walk and there isn't a bus that could take you there. 

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