Monday, 19 March 2012

Leeds Art Gallery

As you are aware I have recently done a work placement with Rachael Taylor in Leeds.  I traveled each day by train using a 7 day season ticket.  The second week of the placement I worked from home on the Mon and Tues, therefore not starting my second train season ticket until Wed.  This then gave me a couple of spare days after the placement, so I thought I'd use the ticket wisely and spend the two spare days in and around Leeds.

Each day this week I will be sharing my two days of travel in and around Leeds.  On Monday I first went to Leeds Art Gallery, I was a bit early so had a cuppa in the cafe before the gallery opened.  But only to find that I wasn't allowed to take photographs in the gallery, although I had taken some in the cafe beforehand which I have shared below.

I did write all the artist names down that I quite liked so I could do some further research on them when I got home.  So after each first post this week, I will post a second post of an artist I liked from the gallery.  Next door to the gallery was the Henry Moore Institute, I had a quick look round there and again I wasn't allowed to take any photographs, there was some strange work in this gallery.

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