Monday, 16 April 2012

Hannah's Thoughts

Since graduating from University last year, I feel I have a lot of time on my hands (sometimes I don't feel I do) even though I have a weekend job with overtime when I can get it.  And because of this I tend to do a lot of thinking, whether it's good or not I don't know.  I have been observing things a lot different to how I use to.

So, I have come to a conclusion that I put myself under a lot of pressure and expect too much from myself especially as I struggle to get motivated which is due to many things really.  One reason is that if I have an afternoon shift at work it takes up my day, don't get me wrong I appreciate the overtime and need the money but I feel I can't get other things done such as drawing and designing.  I have been finding it very difficult to balance everything.

I also feel that this may be also due to the fact that I have had so many rejections from applying for designer jobs over the past year.  Not all companies reply to me and if they do they say I don't have enough work experience.  How can I get a job if no one offers the work experience in the first place?  I understand that a lot of youngster like me are in the same position, but it's so frustrating.  Sometimes you just don't know where to turn.

So due so many rejections and not being able to motivate I have noticed I have been putting of drawing and designing for some time now by doing other things instead.  They have always been design related and are just as important but the main thing in what I want to do in life is design.  The other things I have been doing include blogging, photography, comp shopping, researching for inspiration online through websites, blogs, pinterest etc, mood boards and photo editing.  I have also been buying my fair share of books lately too, books that I feel may come in useful and inspire me.

On Easter Sunday I had the day off work due to it being Easter, I was quite relaxed and did several drawings.  I was quite pleased with myself they aren't that bad to be honest, especially after not been drawing for quite a while.  This made me realise that things are possible but take time.  It has taken such a long time for that to drill into my head, sometimes I need to be told so many times before it digs in (no idea why).

I love inspirational quotes (you may have noticed) but I feel they help me especially if I have read it to myself so many times.

Is there anything in particular that helps you keep motivated or pushes you to where you want to be in life?  Please share and help each other :)


  1. Hi Hannah

    I felt exactly the same as you do, when I left Uni in 2003. I struggled to get a job and applied for hundreds when I was at home, but I had no experience.

    I ended up moving to Manchester (where I had studied) and worked in a shop for 9 months, until I finally got a print design job with a ceramic tile manufacturer.

    After about 2 years I decided to move down south to be with my boyfriend, so ended up starting the process again. This time I had experience, but there are little tile manufacturers in London.

    Currently I'm working in admin, but still dream of the day where I work for myself freelancing.

    I think the best thing to remember is not to give up! I have started printing out inspirational quotes and putting them in front of me when I work, as a reminder for me.

    I always tell myself that things happen for a reason. Try and keep positive, you just don't know what could be round the corner.

    Liz xx

  2. Hi Liz

    Thank you for your comment, I really appreciate it :) You have made my day.

    I have a few inspirational quotes near my desk, I think I may print out some more.

    I hope you are able to achieve your dream :)

    Hannah xxx


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