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Lizzie Hug

It's Follow Friday!

Lizzie Hug is a 20 year old, second year student studying illustration at Portsmouth University.  Lizzie lives in a small town on the south coast called Gosport, not far from Portsmouth.  Lizzie has very unique illustrations, something I haven't seen before.  She works with mixed media mainly but loves to experiment with print.  Lizzie loves cats, especially her own and they are such an inspiration in her work.

You can find Lizzie on Facebook and check out her blog showing her designs, inspirations and what she gets up to.

You can also contact Lizzie via email on:

Have you always wanted to design/illustrate?

ALWAYS! I have always found drawing to be the best outlet for me. When I was younger, my Mum would bring me loads of scrap paper from work and old tatty biro pens, I would sit up in my room and draw dogs at a disco with dragons trying to invade, and also dogs on an adventure in the sea. I also enjoyed drawing bitchy girls (often based on my own social life as I was bullied quite a bit) and sort of taking the mick out of them, it was my own way of getting back at them (but of course still being a wimp!). So from a very young age I grasped character development and understanding within drawing. My Dad always encouraged me to design local christmas cards which I enjoyed doing, and to be honest, everything I remember from anything in my life has always centered around or lead to illustrating things. 

How have you got to where you are now?

A lot of blood sweat and tears, (blood from countless lino cut stab wounds, sweat from frantic screen printing and mono printing before deadlines and tears from making a tonne of mistakes!!!). At college I had just suffered losing my father to cancer, and I knew he had always wanted me to pursue my art, so I've sort of done it for him, but also for myself and everyone else who has encouraged me (which is everyone, so thanks!) In college I put all my eggs in one basket and did all creative A levels (Textiles, Fine Art, Graphics and Photography) and just went nuts! I loved it but hated it too because my whole outlook went from being very chilled to being analytical of everything I saw!!! I'm sure others have experienced that too... I then went on to do my Art Foundation Course at Portsmouth University which I had some tough luck with too nearer the end, to be honest my teen years in art education have been pretty turbulent! I managed to get myself onto BA (Hons) Illustration degree at Portsmouth Uni and never looked back. It's amazing, my last mark was 3% from a first and I am making sure I'm doing everything I can to do well for myself because I LOVE Illustration and it's given me a voice again. I think you do have to be a fighter to stand out in this industry, but that's just from my experience. 

What inspires you?

Brick walls, concrete tower blocks, Eastern Europe, The Med, music, the 80's, the 70's, the 90's, malnourishment, ugly fashionistas, dirt, glitter, stupidity, Jeremy Kyle, rott, taking photos, my pets (especially my cat Sophie), happiness, rainbows, monsters and bitches. 

What motivates you?

To be honest, knowing how short life is. After losing my father and other people close to me and I want people to remember me for me, but also for my illustration! It might sound depressing but it's beautiful in my mind. My work is spontaneous and captures all the colours and emotions I feel at that moment. I put 100% effort in and just try my best and make sure it's honest! I love to make people laugh, I love to help people and aid them in understanding things. Whether it's good or not I just do it. We all make bloopers.

Do you have a favourite design/illustration?

I'm not sure if this is big headed but I have a few! I think my cat collection has to be the top purely because they are so honest and directly inspired by my cat's amazing character, she is the funniest being I've ever met and I'm so fascinated by her it's unreal! Also this collection was so popular with everyone else. I received a lot of feedback from my cats, specifically 'Uncomfortable Cat'. It's amazing because it's such a simple line drawing yet everyone brings it up when I speak to them about my work! Plus I did have a little chuckle whilst drawing it... 

Do you get a lot of support from family and friends?

Tonnes. I cannot thank each and everyone one of them enough for the help they have given me for not letting me give up. I've literally had friends come over at all hours to help me cut, stick and keep me awake by making me tea in my own house. We all have those moments when we feel like we're kidding ourselves that this is going to really take off and when everything is going wrong, but then for everyone to turn round and literally go 'shut up I love your work, get cracking and do something lush'...what more could I ask for?!

Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years time?

I would LOVE to be working freelance. Designing book covers, album covers, illustrating books and just creating work for people who want it, which is the ultimate dream. But I'd also really love to travel out and do murals in deprived areas of the UK and also in countries who are financially suffering. The next generation are going to make or break this world and if my art can help brighten up a child's day then I'd love that. Charity is very important to me and I recently made zine for a Uni project, and it's called 'Losing a Parent as a Teenager', it just goes through some of the weird things and feelings you get but also that every cloud has a silver lining. I'm currently looking at ways to produce this as cheaply as possible in colour (it's an important part of it) and distribute and donate it as an idea to CRUSE Bereavement Care and also zine collectors. It will eventually be available to buy from my website when I've set up shop! Also I'm really up for some collaborations so I'm really open to anything! Email me!

Do you have a favourite designer/illustrator? 

I have a few, Sue Coe and Hannah Hoch are two, but David Foldvari will always be my number one. He took the time to speak to me on MSN when I was in A Level graphics and I'll never forget our conversation about bass guitars and illustration. The tone of his work is so mercurial and it always sits right with me. It's bitter, satirical and sometimes sympathetic and sometimes dark, but always excellent. If you have never seen his work, treat yourself.

What is your typical day like?

Wake up at 7am, get up, go to my place, sit at my desk, go through emails with a cuppa and some breakfast, plan what to do with the day (usually Uni work as I'm only just going into my third year so I don't get to do a lot of freelance stuff!), make a lot of mind maps, to do lists and usually a lot of research on whatever I'm illustrating, I scan the web a lot for designers, blogs and weird facts and crazy articles, I spend time informing my brain of how crazy the world is, directly influencing my work. So it's all important! I also work part time at Blockbuster and also as an Independent Consultant for a vegan approved, Swiss skin care company. I do a lot with my time but money is very important to have and to hold if I want my illustration work to kick off after ni, I want to hit the ground running. So when I say I'm working hard, I really am! 
Favourite blog? 

Although it's not updated very often (which is understandable because this guys is such a busy bee), it contains all his exclusive work and projects and just shows a bit of a human side to the amazing talent that he has.

Favourite Design Book?

Love the old 'Out Of Line' magazine from the early 90's, I recently found it in my Uni library and it's where I discovered Sue Coe. Text wise, 'Hand Job' is awesome because I'm not a massive fan of digitalising EVERYTHING, and it's just fun, hand drawn typography and it's great to look at. General Illustration wise though, 'For Love and Money' is a real corker!

Favourite Design Magazine?

There are three magazines which are awesome for different reasons:
-     Varoom - the magazine available through AOI
-     Computer Arts - because I'm awful with anything but Photoshop and it's helping me learn the rest of the Adobe suite (I promise I'm learning!)
-    Candid Magazine - because I write for them in the Arts section and one of my closest buddies in the world and his partner have put blood sweat and tears into this and it's really kicking off for them now! Hard work really does pay off. 

 Thank you for your time Lizzie, I really appreciate it :)

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  1. WOW! what great illustrations - I will definitely be keeping an eye on Lizzie s blog. What a great feature x

    1. They are really good aren't they :) Thank you for your comment :)


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