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It's Follow Friday!

Samantha-Louise is a Mixed Media Designer based in Leicester.  Samantha is a friend of mine from University, but studied a different pathway to me.  Since graduating from De Montfort University, Leicester, she has continued to develop her unique collection of teddy bears and robots.

'Combining carefully sourced natural and upcycled fabrics along with original digitally printed designs, Samantha Louise’s creations are quirky and unique.'

*As quoted from Samantha-Louise website

Samantha-Louise has also developed her collection with accessories and home decor products including bunting, name blocks, wall art, keyrings, bags and accessories, these are all available to buy from her online shop and Etsy.

You can find Samantha-Louise on Facebook and twitter: @Sammy_L0u.  And also by reading weekly inspirations, projects and more on her blog

Have you always wanted to design?

I've always been creative and loved drawing but I dot think it was until I was about 16 that I wanted to be in design I'd always wanted to be a vet when I was little.

How have you got to where you are now?

Design is hard work but if you believe in what you do, you will eventually achieve what you want. I'm getting there slowly but I think I will always strive to be better.

What inspires you?

Lots of things inspire me, from looking at different things on the internet to walking down the street, you can get designs and ideas from everything.

What motivates you?

I love seeing the end product or design and I think that keeps me motivated most. Sometimes it's hard to keep motivated but I generally just take a couple of days break and then get back on my sewing machine.

Do you have a favourite design/piece?

My favourite piece has to be my sequin bear, up cycled from an old skirt. I love him, I will be both sad and happy when he finds a new home.

Have you got any new products lined up for your designs?

I've attended a big trade fair in Harrogate, British craft trade fair so no I don't have any new products lined up but I will be starting to design a new Christmas range over the summer.

Do you get a lot of support from family and friends?

My friends and family are amazing and very supportive I think it's very important to have this when your just starting out it gives you that extra push to keep going.

Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years time?

In 5 years I would live to see my bears and products in more shops and museums. I would love my own shop one day but I think that would be more part of a 10 year plan.

Do you have a favourite designer?

My favourite designer has always been Laura McCafferty. I love her stitch quality and the level of detail she puts into her work.

Have you done any shows?

As I've said I've just been to BCTF this week. it's a big trade show that support handmade British craft. it was really fun and I met loads of lovely people.

Thank you for your time Samantha, I really appreciate it :)

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