Friday, 20 July 2012

Hannah Stouffer

It's Follow Friday!

Hannah Stouffer is an Illustrator based in San Francisco. Hannah's illustrations are beautifully unique, intricate and lively.

'In her work, feminine decorative embellishments are counterbalanced by macabre motifs, the animal kingdom, and the never-ending pursuit of illustrating explosive emotional transcendence. Stouffer is best known for the incongruity of intricately executed imagery and shadowy and ethereal themes.'

*Quoted from Hannah Stouffer's CV/Bio on her website.

Hannah has a good deal of clients including American Express, Christian Dior, Coca-Cola, Disney, IBM, Kraft, NY Times, Nike, Rocket Dog, Sony, Vans and many more. Hannah has had many sensational solo and group exhibitions since 2003 in San Francisco and many other parts of America including New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, Hamtramck, St. Petersburgh, Aspen, Houston and Alhambra.

Hannah has her designs on many products for sale in her Etsy Shop and you can find Hannah on Facebook.

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P.S. Have you had a lovely week whilst I have been away? I have loads of exciting inspiration, photographs and designers I discovered on my travels to share with you all next week, watch this space.

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