Monday, 23 July 2012

Hardwick Hall

As you're aware I have been away and have promised to share my inspiration, photographs and designers I discovered on my travels.  I went away with my Grandparents to the Peak District, they have a small caravan there, which they have had for some time now.  I have been there many times as a child and thought it would be lovely to visit again, I am so glad I did as it has given me so much inspiration, confidence (in a way) and ideas to slowly build in my future career.  So, over the next couple of weeks expect some inspiration overload and enjoy.

Hardwick Hall is based in Chesterfield and is owned by the National Trust.  A lady named Bess of Hardwick created and designed the hall herself in the late 1500s.  She started building the hall but then re-built one in a different place taking parts from the old hall, which is still partly in place.  Bess also had many other people who helped contributed to the creations of the hall including builders, gardeners, farmers, decorators, embroiders and other craftsmen.  I was amazed to see how much tapestry there was inside, there was also one piece which wasn't finished, so you can see how they are made.

Each National Trust building, garden etc have a fee to explore the wonders of our pass, but the money helps towards the payment of restoring all these beautiful architectural buildings in the UK.  You can also, like myself, become a member and pay a yearly fee.  Each discovery brings something new, no building is the same in design or history.  You can find out more details about becoming a member on the National Trust website.

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