Friday, 10 August 2012

Alex Clark

It's Follow Friday!

Alex Clark a designer from a village called Shotley Bridge, in the County of Durham, UK.  Although Alex didn't got to art school and studied Biology instead at University in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.  During evenings Alex would spend her spare time painting and then selling them at local craft fairs at the weekend.  It wasn't until 1998 when she started designing and printing her own greeting cards, and then in 2005 she developed 60 new designs which fave her a huge response over a couple of years, she was then able to expand her range onto wrapping paper and art prints.  Today Alex supplies to several clients all over the world with a range of products including kitchenware, tableware, stationary, calendars, mugs and many more as well as greeting cards, wrapping paper and art prints.

I discovered Alex Clark at a garden center on our way back home from our travels, there are lots of other textiles, pottery, home decor there by other designers as well as plants and flowers.  They have a little cafe there too for a spot of lunch.

There is also another store in Macclesfield.

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