Monday, 20 August 2012

The Natural World Close-Up

From last weeks post of photography of the dragon fly, I actually found a book in TK Maxx featuring close up photography on nature, I thought this was pot luck finding this book.  I had to buy it as soon as I picked it up.  The book is really easy to use and read.  The left page features a usual size photograph and then on the left is part of the previous image close up.  It shows you the magnification as well, the results of the natural world close up is phenomenal.  I am fascinated by patterns, texture and colour in nature and love the idea of really close up photography, particularly beyond what the human eye can actually see. 

 Beetles Scaled Surface

 Moth Antennae

 Pond Skaters

 Seal Fur

 Cats Tongue

 Tree Rings

 Windblown Seeds

*Images courtesy with Quercus Publishing Pic

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