Monday, 1 October 2012

Ohh Deer Winter Jumpers

Ohh Deer is a unique brand founded by two creatives Jamie Mitchell and Mark Callaby in 2011.  The brand is aimed to bring new fresh design ideas onto products including apparel and home ware.

Ohh Deer wanted to take the work of exceptional illustrators and create something extraordinary, objects that everyone can adorn their houses with, or pop in the post for a friend’s birthday. we promise to continue finding and producing work that you will love for one reason or another, be it through ungodly cuteness or obscene vulgarity.

*Quote from the Ohh Deer website.

You can find Ohh Deer on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @ohh_deer

I have taken a look at the winter jumpers that they have, here are a few of the ones I particularly like.

 Jamie Mitchell

 Jamie Mitchell

 Kris Tate

 Kris Tate

 Nicholas Darby

 Jack Teagle

Jamie Mitchell

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