Friday, 30 November 2012

Jessie Whipple

It's Follow Friday!

Jessie Whipple is a surface designer, illustrator and art director based in Portland, Oregon.  Jessie designs for fashion and interiors.  Jessie's surface designs are varied in themes, colours and textures.  Jessie has many clients including Adidas, Marc Jacobs, Nike, Starbucks, Vans and many more. Also Jessie's work has been published in several books including:

Print & Pattern Laurence King Publishing 2010
Love Design Daab 2009
Simply Pattern Viction:ary 2008
Devils in the Detail Page One Publishing 2008
Patterns Laurence King Publishing 2007

Jessie is also part of Pattern People, she is partnered with designer Claudia Brown, they came together as they both have a passion for patterns and surface design. They both design for fashion, interiors and beauty products.  And share their inspirations on the company blog which is dedicated to the appreciation of design.

You can follow Jessie and Claudia on twitter @patternpeople and find them on Facebook.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Moyo Magazine

The second copy of Moyo Magazine is here. The first online magazine for surface pattern design, sharing inspiration, designs, expert advice, interviews and more Happy Reading :)


Beautiful brand new collection called 'Castollo' from Paperchase. I love the use of bright colours with the mix of patterns.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Lucy Stephen

Lucy Stephen is a Typographer/Graphics Designer based in London, UK.  Since 2001, Lucy has designed for a range of different projects including books including the book cover designs and interior layouts.  She creates posters, prints, adverts, leaflets, blads and POS.  Lucy is also very creative in illustration and hand drawn type.

Lucy has an Etsy shop called 'Lucy Loves This' selling prints, tea towels, greeting cards and tote bags. You can also follow Lucy on twitter @LucyLovesThis

Friday, 23 November 2012

Sarah Devey

It's Follow Friday!

Sarah Devey is an illustrator and surface pattern designer based in London, UK.  Sarah graduated with a first class degree in Printed Textiles and Decoration at Middlesex University.  She then went to continue with her studies at the Royal College of Art, where she studied an MA in Printed Textiles.

Sarah has a love for colour, texture and patterns.  She combines hand-drawn and digital motifs within her designs.  Sarah creates a variety of motifs/patterns within her designs including florals, conversational, animals, texture and geometric.

Sarah has spotted her designs across the high street in shops including Topshop, Marks and Spencer, New Look and Wallis.

I love the combination of different colours Sarah uses in each design, you can see clearly how much passion she has for surface design.  Also looking through Sarah's Gallery you can see that she creates many different designs, she doesn't stick to just the one signature style which is great as it shows diversity.


Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Monday, 19 November 2012


Happy Monday Everyone!

First of all I'd like to apologize for no blog posts recently.  Unfortunately I became unwell and was unable to physically do anything. I was back on the mend and then managed to break my bone in my elbow. I am well but just need to rest my left arm. So I am off work for a week (Retail Job) but will continue with with my designing and of course some blogging.

I cannot believe we are in the middle of November already! Christmas is round the corner and not forgetting is really does feel like Christmas now the 'Coca-Cola' advert has been on TV, have you seen it yet? Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?

Xmas Surface Designs

Friday, 2 November 2012

Paul Duncan Thomson

It's Follow Friday!

Paul Duncan Thomson is a recent graduate of The Glasgow School of Art with a degree in Printed Textiles Design.  I discovered Paul's work at New Designers, London in Early July this year.  Paul enjoys designing print for fashion particularly menswear.  He is hoping to continue with his passion for fashion at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London.

I love the colours, geometric shapes and textures Paul combines within his designs for menswear.  Paul has used often, quite dull colours including greys and neutrals but has brought in brighter colours such as burnt orange and teal, which completes the colour palette nicely.

You can follow Paul on Twitter @pdthomson.

I hope that Paul has/does continue with his passion for print as I really like his designs and would love to see more.

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