Thursday, 6 December 2012

Els Van Baarle

Els Van Baarle is a textile artist who uses a variety of different medias within her work to re-create texture.  Els uses many different types of fabrics which are usually covered in batik-wax and dyes.  Of course the wax resists the dye bringing lots of colours and textures after several times.  Els sometimes uses silk-screen printing techniques too and also works on paper.  Els is inspired by ancient times particularly he structures of remains which have been worn away by wind and other weathers.

Els has won many different prizes over the last 20 years in the USA and Europe.  She has also been in many exhibitions too since 2004 in many different countries throughout Europe and the USA which is an amazing achievement.

I wanted to share Else work on my blog as I love the number of different colours and textures that are created within these textile art pieces.  The machine stitching on the envelopes bringing textured with the vintage stamps and type.  As some of you are aware one of my favourite colours is orange and I think as Els adds orange to a lot of her textile pieces really works especially as you can also find the colour orange in remains of stones etc.

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