Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Explanation to my disappearance.

Hey Everyone,

I do apologies for my recent disappearance. I have been sooo busy working for both jobs and unfortunately I just haven't found the time to post on here. I am hoping to make a few changes over the next month or so, therefore I will hopefully be able to keep updating my blog.

I hope you are all getting into the Christmas spirit. I think I am starting too, I have almost finished my Christmas shopping and cannot wait to get creative with the wrapping. Our Christmas tree will up this weekend which hopefully lift up my Christmas Spirits.

I recently went to a local Christmas Craft Fair, unfortunately I forgot to take some photographs. There were lots of lovely items to buy and I was very inspired in the idea of doing a fair myself. But of course I need some lovely designs, products and creativity going on to be able make this a reality.

Oooo I made some mince pies about a couple of weeks ago, it was a bit early but I made so many to last the whole month for the family. I made so much pastry that I ran out of mince meat so made some jam tarts too. In total I made 84 mince pies and 48 jam tarts.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Caren Barry

It's Follow Friday!

Caren Barry is a surface pattern designer and illustrator with a passion for hand-drawn design. Caren creates traditional yet contemporary patterns for paper goods which you can buy online from Folksy and Etsy.

Caren has launched her first Kickstarter project with a collection of eco-friendly patterned notepads which you can help bring to life by giving as little as a £1.

You can find Caren on Facebook, Twitter @carenbarry and instagram. Caren also has a blog featuring inspiration, what she gets up to and her design processes.

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Inspirational Resource: Print & Pattern Blog

The most famous blog in the textile industry 'Print & Pattern.'

If you have never heard of this blog, you really need to take a peek right now. Go on, what are you waiting for?

Print & Pattern was first began in March 2006 and is written by designer Marie Perkins who has a passion for surface pattern design. The blog showcases inspiration, pattern and more pattern. I first discovered this blog during my time as University, I believe in my second year when I was taking my pathway into printed textile design.

The blog showcases surface patterns from designers, graduates, shops, travel, shows and much more. From stationary to wall paper and from fabrics to ceramics.

I read this blog every single day and whenever I am in need of inspiration. There isn't a designer I know who doesn't know about this blog.

As the blog became so successful which wasn't what Marie intended, she has then published three books Print & Pattern, Print & Pattern 2 and Print & Pattern Kids which are all available to purchase. There is a new a book coming out soon called Print & Pattern Geometric.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Creative work not selling? How do you stay motivated?

Sometimes you can go a few months without selling any designs particularly if you are only just starting out. It can take a good few years for a new business to really kick off the ground. You need to really persevere, stay focused and be positive.

I started freelancing for Black Cherry Studio in April 2012 but we didn't start showing our designs until later that year in September. It has only been the last few months that more of my designs have started to sell.

I have good and bad days but that is normal. I always said I would give Black Cherry 2-3 years and it's been just over 18 months now and I really think that Black Cherry is really starting to own a place in the competitive fashion industry. We recently did a show, Indigo in Paris and unfortunately I didn't have any designs sold there, but there is no need for me to take it heart. There is always next time.

You just have to keep going, keep aiming for your goals and even past them. Take baby steps, don't plan too far ahead as you never know what is around the corner. Anything can crop up at any time which can change anything and everything.

If you are having a bad day, take a break that's what I do. Sometimes if something doesn't go to plan and it really frustrates me I have to walk away as I know I won't perform and create the best designs that I know I can do.


            ...Everything happens for a reason.

Friday, 25 October 2013

Rosa & Clara Designs

It's Follow Friday!

Jessica Haymen is the designer and maker behind Rosa & Clara Designs, a British-made homewares and paper goods company. Each product is carefully made by Jessica from hand-drawn to designing to hand printing to making. If the product is digitally printed Jessica makes sure she uses a UK based company to keep her company truly British.

You can also find Jessica on Facebook and twitter @RosaClaraDesign. Jessica also sells her products through and Etsy.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

How to handle criticism

  • Listen to what is said.
  • Stay calm.
  • Don't take it personally.
  • See it from another point of view.
  • Learn from it to improve your work in the future.
  • It can allow you to open up to other perspectives.
  • Helps you to deal with problem solving in the future.
  • Can help teach you when you are criticising others. How to say it the right way without offending them.
  • Receiving feedback will remind you that it is okay to have flaws.

I really appreciate criticism with my work as at least I know I won't make a fool of myself if it's not 100% right. When I first got minor negative criticism during my time at University I did take it to heart especially as through college my work just got better and better but perhaps I didn't get the right criticism at college. But of course everyone has their own opinions when it comes to art.

BUT remember...

...whoever is giving you criticism about your work only wants the best for you and to bring the best you can do within your work.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Made By Mrs M

It's Follow Friday!

Kate Marsden a designer behind 'Made By Mrs M' is a contemporary textile designer with a passion for surface pattern and fibre art. Kate has a varied approach towards textiles design from ceramics to cross stitch and from knitting to printing.

You can also find Kate on Facebook and follow Kate on twitter @kdmarsden. You can find Kate's products on Folksy, Etsy and Society6. You can also view updates from Kate on what she is up to on her blog.

Have you always wanted to be a designer?

I certainly did when I was at school, and I studied Fashion & Textiles at college. However I ended up working for a City law firm for 15 years and I've only returned to designing relatively recently.

How have you got to where you are now?

I'm still only really starting out. Made By Mrs M has been a very part time enterprise over the past couple of years. It's reached the point it's at now as a result of slowly building up collections, blogging and getting to know people. It's taken time and a lot of work (and there's still a long way to go!).

What's your next step?

I've just resigned from the day job so I'm intending to spend a lot more time on my design work come the new year (as well as more time with my son before he starts school).

What inspires you?

I'm inspired by everything and anything (as evidenced by my vast array of Pinterest boards!), but my designs are primarily inspired by the architecture and design of the 1950s.

What motivates you?

Finally having the opportunity to do something I love for a living. That's where I'm aiming to be within the next couple of years.

How do you start a new project/design?

Most of my pattern designs start with a photograph - I'll take a picture of a building that inspires me, then come home and paint it. I then turn my paintings into patterns using Photoshop.

What do you enjoy the most between textiles, painting and ceramics?

Definitely textiles - it was my first love (alongside fashion)!

What do you enjoy most about being a designer?

Just having the opportunity to do something I actually enjoy. At the moment I find it very hard to fit designing in though. I'm looking forward to spending more time on it next year.

Do you have a favourite design that you have created?

My Park Hill fabric is probably my favourite, but I really like my new South Bank design at the moment.

What media do you like to use?

I use acrylics for my paintings, other than that I like to use a wide range of different media and try new things out.

Do you have a favourite designer?

I'm not really sure I have a favourite as such. I've always loved Orla Kiely's patterns. I'm also inspired by artists such as Bridget Riley and Patrick Caulfield and fashion designers such as Paul Smith and Bella Freud (who I met when I was at college - still star struck!).

Favourite blog?

Again, lots! I really like the following:
Oh my! Handmade goodness -
Design Sponge -
Sue Bulmer -
Meet me at Mikes -

Favourite design book?

Another really hard one. I have an art and design book addiction! If I had to choose one, I'd go for You can find inspiration in everything by Paul Smith.

Thank you for your time Kate, I really appreciate it. 

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

My Designs

I am thrilled to be able to share with you a couple of designs I created for Black Cherry Studio last year which are now printed onto garments. It is still a weird feeling to see my design on a garment rather than just a fabric sample.

The first design was spotted in America by one of the members of Black Cherry Studio and then the second is spotted by myself when browsing for inspirational ideas online.

The second was brought by brand Minuet Petite and they have called the print 'Broken Diamond Print Jersey Dress.'

What do you think?

Friday, 4 October 2013

Lesley Stevens - Owner Decorque

It's Follow Friday!

Decorque - a new UK business - offers a unique range of decorative home accessories with an innovative twist.  Using cork as the base for its feature placemats and coasters range, the company brings a fresh, fashion-edge design look to this most environmentally-friendly of products. 

But there’s more to Decorque than just the cork product range.  For customers who like to shop by colour, the carefully crafted, versatile designs carry through to other products including plastic placemats, art prints, greeting cards and tags, and mouse mats. New additions coming soon to the website and previewed at this years Top Drawer show in London comprise lampshades, cushions and table runners.

Themes range from the quintessentially English roses and birds to the exotic toucans and parrots, mixing the hand painted and drawn with photographs.

Launched in Autumn 2012, the brand has received widespread social media coverage, including a blog that covers inspiration on interior design and other interesting designers.

Decorque’s mission is centred on a love of pattern, “seeking to bring that creative touch of colour into the home”. Decorque will expand its range to become “a treasure trove of beautiful, original and practical products for the home”.

You can find Decorque on Facebook, Pinterest and follow on twitter @Decorque. You can also see updates from Decorque regularly from their blog. Also you can contact Decorque via email

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Emma Bridgewater Factory Tour

In a nutshell Emma Bridgewater was formed by designer Emma Bridgewater and husband Matthew together. The company designs, creates & makes home-decorated pottery within historical Stoke potteries.

Over the summer I had the chance to go on a tour with my Grandma around Emma Bridgewater's factory showing the process of every pottery made from start to finish. It was a great experience and seemed like a lovely place to work. The process for each pottery is fascinating, each worker had their own job whether it would be molding, shaping, decorating, etc the list goes on. Each piece of pottery has a small part worked on from each worker within the factory. Despite the workers working really long hours doing repetitive tasks they all enjoying being a part of this factory. 

If you ever get the chance to visit Stoke-on-Trent, I would definitely recommend this factory tour.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Exhibition Review: Club to Catwalk

Club to Catwalk is an exhibition currently on at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London until 16th February 2014. I saw this exhibition the same day as the David Bowie Is... exhibition. We needed to kill some time before our time slot. I am glad I went through this exhibition first as I felt it was partly connected to David Bowie in a way but through fashion.

Club to Catwalk 

The exhibition explores London fashion from the 1980's, showing more than 85 different outfits. The fashion during this decade was very experimental with terms of style, colour and design, which was inspired by the catwalk and the rise of nightclubs. Specialist 'club' nights encouraged people to dress up, this then started to form a relationship between music, club and catwalk.

The most experimental designers during this decade are Betty Jackson, Katharine Hamnett, Wendy Dagworthy and John Galliano. The 1980s was also about reinventing fashion to the extreme, people started to customized their own clothes making them unique.

I found this exhibition very interesting especially how each style influenced the next style, which still occurs in fashion today. Although, the 1980s explored so many different styles in such a short space of time and not forgetting quite extreme. I think today music still inspires fashion in certain ways. Following trends is a lot more important today, people like to keep up with the fashion to stay on track with everyone else. Where as in the 1980s there was more of a chance to have your own style especially as customizing your own clothes was a big thing.

If you are interested in fashion, I would definitely advise visiting the V&A to see this exhibition.

Note:- No photography was allowed during this exhibition.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Liebster Nomination

I am pleased to share that I have been nominated for a Liebster Award by the lovely Lauren Cherice. The Liebster Award is for upcoming bloggers who have less that 200 followers. It's great to learn, get to know and meet other bloggers. 

The idea is to answer 10 questions given by your nominee and then ask some of your very own favourite bloggers.

1. Who is your biggest inspiration?

I don't have anyone in particular. Many people inspire me to be honest. I love reading about their life stories on how they've got to where they are today and it makes me think that I can do it too.  

2. What is your favourite food?

I think Pizza is my favourite, particularly a dominoes mighty meaty pizza.

3. Reading or blogging?

I love a good book espeically if I can't put it down. It steers me away from reality.

4. Countryside or the beach?

I do love nature but the beach is my preferred option. 

5. Have you got anything exciting planned for the rest of 2013?

Not particularly just building up on my portfolio. I am trying to find a good routine for things at the moment, so we will see. 

6. What is your biggest achievement?
Becoming a professional designer for a Studio. 

7. Icecream or chocolate? 

Hmmmmm this is a hard one. I think I will say chocolate.

8. The one thing you can't live without?

My iPhone. It's with me wherever I go. 

9. What is your design starting point?

Either I take photographs, look through already taken photographs or search for images on the web, depending which the theme I am working on. Then I draw from these inspirational images through a variety of different medias.

10. What is your favourite memory?

Seeing my favourite band 'Green Day' live for the second time which was at Wembley Stadium in London. 

My nominees are:-

Here are ten questions I have for you:-
  1. What motivates you to do what you do?
  2. What is your favourite high-street store?
  3. What is your favourite music genre?
  4. Sweet or Savory?
  5. What is your favourite time of year?
  6. Which favourite designer of yours would you love to meet in person? 
  7. What is your favourite travel destination?
  8. What is your main ambition in life?
  9. What is your ultimate favourite film?
  10. Why do you blog?

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Back to University?

A friend of mine traveled to Plymouth over the weekend as she starts University there. It's going to be strange as I won't see see her now until during the Xmas period. Although it's only about 11/12 weeks away, it seems a very long time. Many other people I know are going back very soon too. Sometimes I wish I was still at University.

Friday, 6 September 2013

From A Daughter Designs

It's Follow Friday!

Leslie Jenkins, a graphic designer and blogger behind the creation of 'From A Daughter Designs,' creates custom blog designs, selected phone cases and custom logos.

You can find Leslie on Facebook and follow her on twitter @DesignsFAD.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Exhibition Review: A Universal Archive

I recently went to an exhibition at QUAD Derby called 'A Universal Archive: William Kentridge as Printmaker.' Unfortunately the exhibition was only in place for one month at this venue.

In a nutshell William Kentridge is a South African based artist who is very well known for his prints, drawings and animated films. Over the past 25 years he has created over 400 prints including etching, engravings, silk-screen, lino cuts etc and often combining the different techniques.

This major exhibition includes 100 prints in all media, from 1988 to the present, focusing on experimental and serial works.  His distinctive use of light and shadow and silhouettes, his concern with memory and perspective, and his absorption in literary texts, are all strongly in evidence. - See more at:
This major exhibition includes 100 prints in all media, from 1988 to the present, focusing on experimental and serial works.  His distinctive use of light and shadow and silhouettes, his concern with memory and perspective, and his absorption in literary texts, are all strongly in evidence. - See more at:
This major exhibition includes 100 prints in all media, from 1988 to the present, focusing on experimental and serial works.  His distinctive use of light and shadow and silhouettes, his concern with memory and perspective, and his absorption in literary texts, are all strongly in evidence. - See more at:
"This major exhibition includes 100 prints in all media, from 1988 to the present, focusing on experimental and serial works.  His distinctive use of light and shadow and silhouettes, his concern with memory and perspective, and his absorption in literary texts, are all strongly in evidence."

*Quoted from QUAD Derby website. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the exhibition. There was such a variety of work shown from this single artist alone, every single print was unique in it's own way.

Monday, 2 September 2013

NEW Chapter..

Today I start a new chapter in my life...

I will be turning the page to leave some people, worries and negative thoughts behind. 

I have started a new contract within my retail job giving me more hours, more money and a much better routine. I will be working Mon-Fri with some overtime and I will be able to pay my own way.

I have a wonderful new studio to work in, more space and a door to this room which I can close so I can switch off at night & when need be. Also a chance to perhaps think more, create and develop 'Hannah Byatt Designs.'

I've had some positive complements lately, so everything really is looking up. Something I need to remind myself everyday to help me boost my confidence in the talent I have for what I love to do!

Friday, 30 August 2013

Sue Bulmer

It's Follow Friday!

Sue Bulmer is a Nottinghamshire artist who enjoys using a wide variety of medias to create beautiful illustrations, prints and textiles. You can buy Sue's limited edition prints on Folksy.

You can also find Sue on Facebook and twitter @sooziebee71. Sue also has a blog which is updated regularly with news, sneaks peeks at her work, interviews and more. 

Thursday, 29 August 2013

NEW Studio

You may have noticed that I have been neglecting my blog a lot recently and here's why. I have a new studio space, my sister has very kindly given me her downstairs bedroom. We've decided to share my bedroom instead as she needed more space for several things. It's also a lot better for me as I am able to shut off from designing if need be. Of course there's a lot more space to store everything that I need. I think it's a perfectly sized space for a studio. I feel very lucky to have a room separately for my studio and I'm very grateful for my Sister and parents to help make this happen. There are still few more changes that need to be done, which we are in the process of doing when there's time.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

MOYO Directory

I have recently signed up to the new MOYO Directory created by Rachael Taylor & Beth Kempton. It gives you access to designers across the globe showcasing their individual portfolio. Each designer has unlimited portfolio space and it could give them a chance for many work opportunities. So if you're a designer, what are you waiting for, get signed up today!

Below is a screenshot of my portfolio. There's still more to be added, but it's a start. If you like what you see,  give me a like.

Friday, 2 August 2013

Exhibition Review: David Bowie Is...

David Bowie Is...
Victoria & Albert (V&A) Museum, London, UK.

I was only introduced to David Bowie earlier this year, when I say introduced I mean by just his music and have ever since become a huge fan. When I discovered that there was an exhibition about him, I knew I had to go. It has become the best exhibition I've ever been to. I never realized how much more there was to the music, costumes and David Bowie himself.

In a nutshell the exhibition explores David Bowie's career, what influenced him, his artistic creations in music, costumes, album artwork and more. Also how he became the most inspiring music artist of all time.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Liverpool Cathedral

Last summer I went to Liverpool for the day with my Grandad and he really wanted to visit Liverpool Cathedral and after seeing the beautiful architecture inside, I realized why he wanted to go. You can see from the photographs I've share on how much detail, time and patient went into creating this stunning architecture. There is also a restaurant inside which has delicious food, excellent customer service and situated well so you can look around the inside of the building whilst eating. You should definitely pay a visit if you are visiting Liverpool or close by.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Are Competitions Essential for Emerging Designers?

I have myself entered several competitions in the past but unfortunately I have never been shortlisted. This could be perhaps I know that I don't put my 100% into the particular project because I need to use my time much more for Black Cherry Studio. Although I did for a particular Tigerprint Competition earlier this year, again I wasn't shortlisted. But I did enjoy the design process and doing something different to what I usually do. Personally I only ever enter if I have a bit of spare time on my hands, which to be honest isn't very often anyway. 

Competitions are great for following a brief, therefore it's great practice. But there is so much talent out there and it does become quite competitive. If you enter several and never get short listed, it could dampen your spirits and feel that you're not good enough. But you must remember the people who set these competitions must have an idea of what they'd like in their head already, so it's impossible to get everything right anyway. So I wouldn't worry too much about not being shortlisted, it's taking part that counts.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Blog Updates

Hello everyone, hope you're well.

I feel I have abandoned my blog a bit lately due to struggling for ideas on what to write about. Sometimes it can be difficult, perhaps I have been thinking about it too much. I brought a book to help me which has given me some ideas and a plan. So watch this space.

I have also shortened my posts by inserting the jump break, this is so you can see clearly my latest 10 posts that I have written. Then if you're interested in reading more about that particular post then just simply click 'read more.'

Thank you to every one who does read my blog, I really appreciate it. So I hope you'll keep enjoy reading my blog as always. 

Also if there is anything you'd like me to blog about, please comment below. 


Wednesday, 10 July 2013

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