Thursday, 17 January 2013

Blog Hop Review

A Bloghop is a list of blogs linked to one another. This Bloghop contained over 50 new designers showing their work. They created three designs each for the New Year by following a brief called 'Let's Fly'. There was only one condition to the brief which was to include the colour 'Emerald' which is currently colour of the year.

I really enjoyed reading through the Bloghop last week, it was really interesting to read new designers backgrounds, how they have got into surface design and how they'd like to progress further with their design career. I found the Bloghop really inspiring too, it's nice to see lots of unique, creative and imaginative designs.  It was also interesting to see how there was such a wide range of different designs from every single designer.

I have included a few of my favs including their name and link to their blog incase you'd like to find more information about them :)

I hope you enjoyed reading through the Bloghop too. In case you did miss out on all the fun, you can catch up here, enjoy :)

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