Monday, 11 February 2013

A change in my blogging

I started blogging in July 2011, which was not long after I had finished University.  I wanted to share with you my drawings, designs and whatever creativity I do.  Also inspirations, designers and a bit of traveling. But I had always wished I'd started earlier in which I would have been able to share with you what I got up to throughout my course at University. 

After University I worked a lot of hours at my retail job, contracted weekends but overtime during weekdays. I lost my motivation and inspiration to create, draw and design so I hardly posted anything.  I also lost my motivation due to being unable to get a job in design.

I then started freelancing for Black Cherry Studio in April 2012, this was a brilliant start for my design career.  Unfortunately, due to copyright reasons I cannot share anything I create and design for this studio.  Which of course is upsetting as I'd love to share what I design, and I can see how much I've improved since I've started.

Recently I have felt that I haven't produced good quality blog posts for you the readers, and I haven't enjoyed it as much lately either.  Although I love my Friday's #ff blog post which sometimes includes an interview, I find it really interesting how other people motivate themselves and how they've got to where they are today etc. It's exciting.

I've found that blogging about new store collections or comp shopping can possibly be a bit of a waste of time as of course everyone in this industry knows about the Print & Pattern blog.

So I'm going to share lots of other different things with you, still of course linked to design so watch this space.  And of course if I ever do have time do create some designs in my spare time I'll share them too.  I'll still carry on with my #ff too :)

I'd love to hear your views on my blogging and if they're is anything you'd like to read more about they please give me a nudge and I'll see what I can do :)

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