Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Difficulties in Job Hunting

Following from my previous post I mentioned how difficult I found getting a full-time job in design.  Of course for anyone it is very difficult to get any kind of job at the moment but it's very unfair for graduates like myself, who have studied very hard through school, college and then went into further education at University.  Whilst I was at University I was told amongst many other students, I'd be able to get a job straight afterwards, this wasn't the case at all. I applied to hundreds of jobs since Jan 2011 which was before graduating, still I had no such luck.

When I moved back home I started back at the retail job I had been working at for several years on and off.  It was better than nothing.  I managed to do as much over time as I could whilst looking for a design job.  All companies wanted 2/3 years work experience as well as the degree qualification.  No one at University would be able to achieve all that over the 3/4 years whilst studying.  Most of the time companies wouldn't reply either.  Make sure you're prepared for rejections, as you may have many of them.

The time during job hunting is difficult for anyone, but as a creative person you can still try to build up on your portfolio, surf the internet to keep up-to-date with trends, processes and techniques.  Design, make, visit galleries and museums for inspiration.  Entering competitions are great for your CV.  If you've studied something else at university there isn't a lot of things you can do in your spare time particularly if you've studied an academic subject and you're not creative.

Job hunting really got me down, just like it would with anyone.  I started to feel unwanted and I lost my motivation to do other things, whenever I wasn't working any extra overtime.  I felt as though I became quite lazy, but I wasn't as I was working a lot of hours to bring as much money in as possible.  So I worked more and more hours so I could save up and use the money for work placements for traveling, food, hotels etc.  That was of course if I was to find any placements.  Of course work placements are difficult to get as well and most are un-payed.

Something else I do find difficult is that I don't have a full-driving license.  I started learning during the summer of 2010 but never got round to finishing it due to be so busy in my final year at University.  Then of course now I cannot afford to have driving lessons.  Then to run a car would be impossible too.

I did eventually managed to get a freelance job in April 2011, but that was after over a year of job hunting.  That shows that you can get one eventually.  Of course freelancing doesn't work for every industry, so I'm quite lucky that I can in mine.

If you're in this position or know anyone in this position, don't give up.  You'll get there eventually.  If you really want your dream job, you will keep going.  You just have to be patient, preserve and have hope just like I am doing. 


  1. Glad it worked out for you in the end Hannah. Job hunting is tough allright. Tina x

  2. I can so relate to this article!! it is so depressing looking for a job and getting rejected day in day out!
    It's like we got a good degree to then go back and end up working for a job that hires under qualified people and thats normal now! its sad

    1. You're right, it is sad. Shame really. Hopefully over the next couple of years it might pick up again. Fingers crossed.


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