Thursday, 28 February 2013

Mens Fashion Prints too Feminine?

The current print trends for mens fashion in my opinion can sometimes be a bit too feminine.  Don't get me wrong there are some lovely print designs and I understand that prints are in at the moment, particular ditsy prints for mens fashion.  As a designer myself I would perhaps use much more masculine motifs, something that men would wear, maybe motor vehicles, music or sports related.  Some men may like this kind of thing, perhaps men who do follow current trends regularly, but a lot of men tend to wear something quite plain or a placement print of a funny image, font or band members.

I have been looking online at high-street stores and have come across several prints of what I think are quite feminine.  Some prints include florals and birds, which are lovely but they are too feminine for menswear.  The colour palettes have been changed slightly but personally I think it still doesn't work.

I'm not getting into anything, I just thought I'd share my views.  Does anyone else think that menswear prints are very feminine at the moment?

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