Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Seven ways to get motivated

1. Inspirational Quotes: Perhaps print some off and surround yourself with them in your workspace.

2. Good Music: Whatever music you enjoy listening to, it's always good to hear some surround sounds.  I tend to change my CDs often as well so I'm not listening to the same music artist.  The radio is always good too but sometimes they can tend to repeat the same songs.

3. Cups of Tea: I drink many throughout my long days of designing.  Occasionally I'll have the odd extra caffeine take in i.e. latte to help wake me up.

4. To-do-lists: Always good to take everything off your mind for what you need to do.

5. Clear Workspace:  Something I regularly do each day, I feel it clears the mind.

6. Collect Inspiration: Wheather it's on google, blogs, websites, Pinterest.  Sometimes looking at images and others peoples work really help you get inspired.

7. Regular Breaks:  This will help clear the mind, then when you're back to what you're doing different ideas or things you didn't see before seem a lot clearer.

Here are a few albums I've brought recently so I have plenty of different artists to listen to. 

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