Wednesday, 20 February 2013

This time last year...

I started my work placement with freelance surface pattern designer Rachael Taylor.  I traveled to Leeds everyday from home for two weeks.  Long days but it worked out cheaper than staying in the city itself.  I was really nervous at first but of course Rachael was kind, lovely and very welcoming.  I really enjoyed my two weeks with Rachael, I learnt so much during this short period of time and I felt I understood freelancing a lot more.  I continued to help Rachael from home for several weeks until May giving me a much longer work experience.  I also continued blogging for Rachael too, something that I still do weekly (Wednesday).

During the second week of my placement I was at home the first two days and because I brought weekly train tickets, I had two days spare the following week so I took the time to explore Leeds.  I have written several posts in the past of the places I visited including Leeds Art Gallery, a walk down the river Aire, Royal Armouries, Hebden Bridge and Leeds city Museum.

I cannot believe it was a year ago now, it was defiantly time well spent and an experience I'll never forget.  Thank you Rachael :)

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