Tuesday, 12 March 2013

50 facts you didn't know about me

I was inspired to write this post from seeing it on Yaz Raja's blog when I was writing up a feature and interview on her work.  I had quite a lot of fun coming up with all these random facts, perhaps give it a go yourself :)

  1. My middle name is Louise
  2. I am only 5'2"
  3. I hate bananas
  4. I'm 22 and never had a filling
  5. I wear too many rings
  6. If I were born a boy, my name would have been Kelvin
  7. I have a total of 14 piercings
  8. My favourite band of all time is Green Day (I've seen them twice)
  9. I have a fear of spiders
  10. I don't have a full driving license
  11. I'm such a worrier, unfortunately it runs on both sides of the family
  12. I've never smoked a cigarette in my life and don't plan to
  13. I love games
  14. I have a small scar on my lips from chicken pox
  15. I can speak french, not quite fluent though
  16. I hate going to the hairdresses as they never ever do what I ask for
  17. I love stationary that much, I use to collect rubbers
  18. I'd like to travel the World one day
  19. I have been stung 3 times by wasps on only two separate occasions
  20. I love the fact that my name is the same even spelt backwards
  21. I've broken a bone in my elbow (quite recently actually)
  22. When people type 'I'm board' it really frustrates me
  23. I'm such a big kid on Xmas day
  24. I love a bacon and cheese sandwich
  25. I've never used fake tan
  26. I'm addicted to inspirational quotes
  27. I can be quite a shy person
  28. I cannot ever refuse a lemon cake
  29. I own a pair of dr martens
  30. I'm very independent, perhaps too independent at times
  31. I collect thimbles
  32. I'm addicted to diet coke
  33. My favourite film genre is horror
  34. My first ever gig was to see Guns n' Roses
  35. I'm allergic to strawberries and cherries :( 
  36. I love Coronation Street and try my best not to miss an episode
  37. I'm right handed, but occasionally use my left
  38. My favourite disney film is 'The Lion King' a true classic
  39. I'd love to have my very own swimming pool one day
  40. I'm fascinated by nature
  41. I take a lot of things too seriously
  42. I believe that things happen for a reason
  43. I probably drink too much tea
  44. I love sushi
  45. I cannot stand clutter
  46. I love books but never seem to read them :S
  47. I love mince pies, good job I only tend to eat them during the Xmas period
  48. I was born on a Wednesday (might explain why I'm such a worrier)
  49. I wore braces in high school
  50. I graduated before I turned 21


  1. What a great post Hannah! Lots of fun facts!
    I also hate going to the hairdressers. I find it very stressful and can't relax. All I can think of is 'What are you doing to my hair?!" I cut my own hair now! I'm also like a big kid on Christmas day!

    1. Thank you Tina :) I'm glad I'm not the only person who hates going to the hairdressers then! :)

  2. Great idea for a post!
    The Lion King is a big favourite in our house, mostly because I make my boys watch it! The "You can be a big pig too!" song is my favourite bit in the whole film!


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