Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Most Popular Blog Posts

Dip Dye Hair: Most popular post of all time, which could be due to dip dye being a massive trend for everyone of all ages and celebrities.

Cute Characters: Not sure really why this is a popular post if I'm honest.

Wedding Guest Dress Ideas: Loads of people are getting married all the time, searching for new, unique ideas.

50s Textiles Inspiration: This was one of my first blog posts for this blog.  A lot of people seem to like a lot of 50s textiles, something I'd like to look more into including other eras.

Trevor Waughs Sketchbook: Beautiful watercolour paintings by this artist, mainly on florals.

Life is too Short: Beautiful inspirational quote.

Interiors Inspired by Music: A guest blog post, very interesting how music has inspired interiors in the images shown.

Fathers Day Cards - Marks and Spencer: A selection of beautifully designed cards for Father's Day.

Edward Wadsworth & Percy Wyndham Lewis: Two artist I discovered at Leeds Art Gallery.

JLWIllustration:  A contemporary surface pattern designer & illustrator I featured & interviewed.

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