Friday, 22 March 2013

Rosie Simons

It's Follow Friday!

Rosie Simons is a graphic design graduate who also has a passion for surface pattern design.  Rosie's designs are yet simple, clean and colourful combining graphic illustrations and typography.  Rosie creates designs for logos, branding, identity, paper, fabric, home wares and more.  You can find Rosie on Facebook, follow her on twitter @rosie_simons.  Rosie also has a blog which is updated regularly with inspiration, features and her own designs.

Have you always wanted to be a graphic & surface pattern designer?

I have always known that I wanted to do something creative and always adored pattern and colour, it was when I was about 17 at college that I became very aware of my love for pattern and colour and dreamt of designing patterns for products in Paperchase. For years this seemed impossible as I just didn't know how to design patterns let alone get into the industry. However in the second year of my Graphic Design degree I was given the opportunity to take a module in the Surface Design department at the university. This was a real eye opening time for me, I was finally getting to do what I had always dreamt of doing and I could do it! In the final year of my degree I tried to integrate surface design into my projects as much as possible and enjoyed it so much, I then knew that this was where my heart lay and I needed to pursue it. 
How have you got to where you are now?

Determination, lots of designing and networking. The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design really helped me take my creative skills and which direction to push them to develop my career.

What inspires you?

I am naturally inspired by things around me, from day to day items to nature. I automatically visualize how imagery and objects will translate into designs, motifs and patterns.

What motivates you?

I am motivated by the want to achieve my life long dream. I have always dreamt of seeing my designs on products around the world and this dream motivates me to work hard every day.

How do you start a new project/design?

This would depend on whether the project was a set brief or personal project. When it comes to set briefs I start by researching and creating an inspiration/mood board then move on to initial ideas playing around with colours, fonts and motifs. If I am working on a personal project the process is a lot more free flowing, ideas and colour palettes normally come to me when I am relaxed, most often right when I am falling asleep! I really enjoy the process of organically creating a pattern from an idea in your head!

What do you enjoy most about design?

This is a really tricky question! I am a very visual person, and I can't imagine a life without design or without seeing everything from a design perspective. I really love seeing the process of how other people approach a brief and how they develop their ideas and where they come from. I love how anything can inspire someone, from a colour to a tiled roof or a flower, anything and everything can be developed in such a different way it is lovely to see how people perceive things they see and feel.

Do you have a favourite design that you have created?

My favourite normally depends on my mood and I don't really like to pick a favourite as I am very proud of all my designs, but I think if I was forced to choose a favourite it would be my inky floral design. My designs and patterns are all very "me" and a visual expression of my personality, but inky floral uses many of my favourite colours and bold but soft florals which I feel really reflects my personality so appeal to me the most!

Do you have any of your designs on products?

I do! I currently have my designs on greetings cards, pocket mirrors and badges available from my Etsy store ( I have also just had a successfully funded Kickstarter project to produce notebooks with my patterns on, so those will also be available to buy soon too! My designs are also available on products through Society6 (, iPhone cases, throw pillows, laptop skins and more!

What is your typical day like?

First thing I read my emails and catch up with Twitter and Facebook. I then read blogs and Pinterest over breakfast before starting my day up to date and inspired! The format of my day would depend on what I am working on but usually involves a mix of creating new designs, keeping my Etsy shop up to date, blogging and networking, planning new products and sourcing new opportunities.

What medias do you like to use?

I really enjoy working digitally, truthfully and unusually for a creative, I don't enjoy getting dirty! I like to keep my hands as clean as possible so working on the computer is ideal for me. However I absolutely adore texture and doodling, so I work with hand drawn lines that I scan in and develop on the computer (or use my wacom tablet) and add as much texture to my work digitally as I can. I love to layer patterns in my work to create texture and depth. Like myself I like my designs to be clean and colourful!

What do you hope that 2013 will bring for you?

I hope 2013 will bring lots of new opportunities to expand my own product line, my licensed products and my freelance design business. 

Do you get a lot of support from family and friends?

I am very lucky and get great support from my family and friends, especially my boyfriend who is unbelievably supportive in helping me achieve my dreams!

Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years time?

In 5 years I would like to see myself with a successful line of my own products and my designs and patterns on products all over the world, but most of all I would like to be happy and feel fulfilled with the direction I have chosen.

Do you have a favourite illustrator, designer etc?

There is just too much beautiful work out there to choose a favourite designer! 

Favourite blog?

Print & Pattern

Favourite design book?

Print & Pattern 1 & 2
Thank you for your time Rosie, I really appreciate it. If you'd like a feature and interview on this blog, then please email me:


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