Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Using Social Media

Social Media is a very useful and important tool today especially for youngster who want to get themselves out there and companies to gain more clients even small businesses.

It is a lot easier today unlike 20 years ago to find such things like companies, tools, tips, clients, jobs , old friends, long lost relatives etc. the list is endless.  I want to share with you in a nutshell how to use social media within an industry way of how to find jobs, search for companies and gain clients.  These sites include:
  • Facebook - Like companies, follow updates. Include good opinions/comments for them. Also can advertise to gain more likes.
  • Twitter - Follow companies for updates, jobs etc. Tweet to find more info on certain things.
  • Tweetdeck - A great App for Twitter. Columns of certain people/companies you like to follow so then you cannot miss a single update.
  • Instagram - Fast and easy way to share images of your updates with clients.
  • Vimeo - Video blogging to share videos, tutorials etc.
  • Blogger - Share updates, inspiration, tutorials etc. Good to share your work, opinions in your niche.
  • Tumblr - Share images, links, text, music and videos from your browser.
  • Wordpress - Similar to blogger but more upgraded.
  • LinkedIn - World's largest professional network. Online CV, connect to people all of over the world who work for different companies. Find jobs, trends and updates in your niche. Exchange information, ideas and opportunities.
  • Pinterest - Share images of your work, inspirational images you like and group them together in different files. Brilliant for inspiration.
  • Flickr - Share images of your work, great for photography.
  • Skype -  Internet phone calls. Can call anyone where ever in the world for free.
And of course you can get all these great social medias as apps on most mobile phones today to keep you updated on the go. 

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