Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Is University worth it?

Some people find University a very difficult decisions to make for all kinds of reasons.  I decided on University due to it being the next step to take after college as I was told I would find it very difficult to start a career in textiles without a degree.  Back then I knew very little on how to use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, which of course is used almost all the time in the textile industry now.  Traditional techniques are still used or they are digitally manipulated.

Anyway, money is a huge issue that people come across when contemplating about University.  There are student loans which almost every youngster has to use nowadays to get through University.  There's no shame in having a student loan, it doesn't need to be payed off until the student is working full time with a salary of around £15,000. Although I believe last year this did rise due to the rise of University fees.  But then after an x amount of years, the loan does get wiped off if the student doesn't have a reasonable salary.

University is a great experience for anyone whether you stay at home and commute or move away.  I moved away whilst I was studying and absolutely loved almost every moment.  You learn so much from this experience including:

  • How to deal with money
  • Learn to live with people
  • Learn to set off early to travel
  • Meet tight deadlines
  • Learn to love the library again
  • More workload to deal with
  • Learn how to motivate yourself
  • General house chores
  • Cooking
  • Food shopping
I hope what I've suggested helps if you're considering University.  If you have experienced University then please add to the comments.

I have also found within the last 6 months that University was a stepping stone for my career.  Although most courses are taught over a period of 3/4 years there's still a lot to learn within the industry you want to be in, work experience in between summers will help loads although they can be difficult to get hold of sometimes, but don't give up.  If you really want to do well, work hard and eventually you will succeed. 

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  1. Like this blogspot!
    I think uni was not really worth it for me because i thought i was definitely going to get a job (even if that means start from a bottom as an assistant and work my way up) but unfortunately i didn't .. i am worse than people who quit college and didn't go uni because right now they have work and some of them have a house with their partners etc and i am not even getting a job!

    It really depends on what degree you get.. consider a million times before you even think about a degree in art! (in my opinion)

    Many thanks


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