Thursday, 16 May 2013

Lilla Rogers Book Review

Lilla Rogers has had an amazing career as an artist, teacher and agent.  As an agent, Lilla represents almost 40 artists across the globe.  Lilla wrote this book to help other creatives in their career and to show the increasing options for creative people.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Lilla Roger's new book 'I just like to make things.'  I enjoyed it so much I found it very difficult to put down and even though I've read the whole book already I will still re-read it when ever I need to.

The book starts with Lilla's story which is very inspiring.  Then there are 5 chapters, each chapter building up to which could be the next stage of your career.  From having fun with your art, getting great at your art, to real-life strategies and getting to know the marketplace that could work for you. Then last but not least what's next for you.  There are interviews with Lilla's artists who she represents on how they work, handle, stay inspired and more.  Lilla really involves you in the book itself, like there are sections in the book where Lilla has asked you questions and there are spaces to write down your answers.

The book is presented as though it is one of Lilla Rogers sketchbooks.  Each page is beautifully presented, colourful and illustrative. There are images of Lilla's own work,  her studio and the artists work she represents as an agent, which I think works well as Lilla is sharing with you what is involved in her creative world.  Also that you can do it too.

The book is written very well in a sense that Lilla is talking to you whilst you're reading.  I felt as though she knew me as an artist/designer. Particularly when she mentioned "I know you know how fun it is to buy things-and then come home and you get to sort them."  Everything that is written is very clear, understanding and straightforward.  Each section is crystal clear, which are all linked well one after the other.  Lilla puts herself in the book a fair amount which works very well, she brings in her humor too and I felt as though I started to know her as a person.

Another way Lilla involves you in the book is by including several activities Lilla has suggested to help inspire you, motivate you and help you find the things that you like eg colours, texture, pattern, shapes, themes etc. 

Lilla explains licensing, getting to know the marketplace that would suit you.  This is a bonus as it's something a lot of creative people are unsure about particularly on how to get their work out there in the creative industry, what companies to contact and what art works best for certain companies and products.  In this section there are also interviews with several companies on what they look for in an artist and their work of art.

I have found this book very useful in different ways.  I feel I can always refer back to it to inspire and show me that I can become who I want to be.  It's a very positive book, it can help build your confidence in your work and keep you motivated to keep going and to not give up.  I am glad I brought this book, definitely worth every penny.  I'd recommend the book to any creative artist, illustrator, designer, maker etc who wants to make their career successful, profitable and exciting.


  1. Thank you SO much, Hannah! This is one of the very best reviews I've read! You really GET my book and the goals I had in writing it. Again, many thanks!

    1. You're very welcome Lilla. I'm glad you like it :)

  2. Love this review... it gave me the sense as if I'm reading the book myself !!! Great work !


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