Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Back to University?

A friend of mine traveled to Plymouth over the weekend as she starts University there. It's going to be strange as I won't see see her now until during the Xmas period. Although it's only about 11/12 weeks away, it seems a very long time. Many other people I know are going back very soon too. Sometimes I wish I was still at University.

I remember my very first weekend at University, I was very nervous and excited at the same time. Not only did I enjoy the course but I loved the freedom, independence and meeting new people. Some people have asked me if I would ever go back to University and I think I probably would. I have thought about studying photography in the past but that is something I could teach myself and then interpret it within surface pattern design. I think it would have to be a creative course as that's what I am very good at, perhaps graphic design but then again I'm already half way there with that. Maybe something completely different like history? Or perhaps art history? There are so many choices and possibilities it's very difficult to choose from. Maybe sticking to short courses will be better, but finding time for them can be difficult.

But then again taking out another loan, spending all that money on materials, printing etc.  There is so much expense within a creative course, but it's something nobody warns you about until you're almost half way through your course. Would it be worth it? Especially as it is also very difficult to get a job nowadays even with a degree already.

Or perhaps further education? Something a lot of people do later on in life after gaining experience first or perhaps having a family. That would be different from doing a degree I would think as it would be more mature, more focus on the actual course and developing what you already may know or new skills.

I just love learning about all sorts of things. Just in general when learning something creative I prefer if someone would show me first and then I'm well away. It's certainly harder from a book, online e-course or video classes. Everybody learns differently so it's finding the right balance.

Would you go back to University?

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