Thursday, 26 September 2013

Exhibition Review: Club to Catwalk

Club to Catwalk is an exhibition currently on at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London until 16th February 2014. I saw this exhibition the same day as the David Bowie Is... exhibition. We needed to kill some time before our time slot. I am glad I went through this exhibition first as I felt it was partly connected to David Bowie in a way but through fashion.

Club to Catwalk 

The exhibition explores London fashion from the 1980's, showing more than 85 different outfits. The fashion during this decade was very experimental with terms of style, colour and design, which was inspired by the catwalk and the rise of nightclubs. Specialist 'club' nights encouraged people to dress up, this then started to form a relationship between music, club and catwalk.

The most experimental designers during this decade are Betty Jackson, Katharine Hamnett, Wendy Dagworthy and John Galliano. The 1980s was also about reinventing fashion to the extreme, people started to customized their own clothes making them unique.

I found this exhibition very interesting especially how each style influenced the next style, which still occurs in fashion today. Although, the 1980s explored so many different styles in such a short space of time and not forgetting quite extreme. I think today music still inspires fashion in certain ways. Following trends is a lot more important today, people like to keep up with the fashion to stay on track with everyone else. Where as in the 1980s there was more of a chance to have your own style especially as customizing your own clothes was a big thing.

If you are interested in fashion, I would definitely advise visiting the V&A to see this exhibition.

Note:- No photography was allowed during this exhibition.

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