Thursday, 31 October 2013

Inspirational Resource: Print & Pattern Blog

The most famous blog in the textile industry 'Print & Pattern.'

If you have never heard of this blog, you really need to take a peek right now. Go on, what are you waiting for?

Print & Pattern was first began in March 2006 and is written by designer Marie Perkins who has a passion for surface pattern design. The blog showcases inspiration, pattern and more pattern. I first discovered this blog during my time as University, I believe in my second year when I was taking my pathway into printed textile design.

The blog showcases surface patterns from designers, graduates, shops, travel, shows and much more. From stationary to wall paper and from fabrics to ceramics.

I read this blog every single day and whenever I am in need of inspiration. There isn't a designer I know who doesn't know about this blog.

As the blog became so successful which wasn't what Marie intended, she has then published three books Print & Pattern, Print & Pattern 2 and Print & Pattern Kids which are all available to purchase. There is a new a book coming out soon called Print & Pattern Geometric.

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